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Scientific Glass Blowing

Repairing a 4” flange on a 100L distillation flask

Too often, glassware users discard a broken item. Instead of having the item repaired, it is replaced at a substantial cost. At Allen Scientific Glass, our glassblowers are highly skilled in the repair of broken scientific glassware.

Whether you send every shred, or just the bulk of the pieces, we can restore it to its original quality and strength. And, in most cases, you'll find repair is far less expensive than the replacement cost.

Other Services

In addition, we can repair/restore/fix:

  • Custom Glassware
  • Pyrex
  • quartz
  • glass to metal seals
  • glass to ceramic seals
  • And other simple or complex repairs...


Our glassblowers specialize in:

  • Corning
  • Kontes
  • Ace Glass
  • Lab Glass
  • Kimble
  • Buchi
  • Yamato
  • Labconco
  • Schott
  • Wheaton

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