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Design & Fabrication of Scientific Glassware

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Custom Glasswear Creation
Precise Glass Work from Prototype to Production

8” glass is spun out to over 12” in diameter to create a 12L extraction cone

Specializing in the design and production of custom scientific glassware, ASG creates pieces for these applications:

  • laboratory use
  • biotechnical use
  • engineering applications
  • research applications

Whether you need a standard item or a complex, one-of-a-kind piece, our experts can help. Your concept can be turned into reality or, if your current glassware is not meeting your expectations ASG can redesign it to better suite your individual needs.

Precise custom glass work requires not only expertise and design capabilities, but the right equipment and materials.


We work with a vast inventory of borosilicate and quartz materials, including:

  • Borosilicate tubing from 2mm to 300mm
  • 100ml to 50L flasks
  • All common Standard taper joints, ball joints and flat o’ring joints
  • Quartz tubing up to 150mm
  • High vacuum valves
  • Borosilicate, quartz and fused silica plates & discs


ASG utilizes a variety of equipment, including:

  • Diamond cutting grinding Machines
  • 4 Foot Flat Grinder
  • Six-foot annealing oven
  • High temperature quartz annealing ovens
  • High-vacuum system
  • Gas Handling Systems
  • Small to oversized lathes


Whether your custom glassware needs include complete turnkey from development through production, or simply the manufacturing of an unusual piece, Allen Scientific Glass can help.

The ASG designers and glassblowers are constantly creating innovative, high-performance products to solve particular usage problems.

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