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ImageDate ImageName ImageDesc ImageSrc ImagePreview
02/28/2006 8 inch Iodine cell High quality 8” diameter fused silica windows used Picture-007.jpg
03/03/2002 Sample Transfer Line Sample can be frozen and transferred Image001rt.jpg
11/03/2001 1.2l Conical Reactor Long taper allows for good separation 1_2conicalreactor_rt.jpg
03/26/2006 Dual Jacketed Reactor The two jacketed zone allows for different temperatures ASG_reactor_002.jpg
11/06/2001 500ml Jacketed Peptide Reactor   piptide500ml.jpg
05/26/2009 Triple Quartz Still Quartz still, three stages one feeding into the next. Used in producing ultra pure acids. ASG_Picture_005.jpg
12/08/2005 Flanged Fritted Reactor Inlet ports on sides are on tangent to create a vortex ASG_glassware_001.jpg
08/13/2008 Clear Liquid Extraction System Unique design allows for concentration in the unit and low volume of solvent P8130029.jpg
12/22/2006 5L Reactor With a large diameter upper chamber and smaller lower this reactor can be used for varied batch sizes oct06_034.jpg
10/26/2008 Solvent Reclaim Cart Used to pull large amounts of solvent from larger reaction vessels oct06_001.jpg
06/02/2008 Large Beaker Manufacturing an 18” beaker march_09_008.jpg
05/05/2002 20L Jacketed Flask Welding the jacket around a 20l flask Image010.jpg
05/05/2002 20L Jacketed Flask Manufacturing 20l jacketed flasks Image007.jpg
05/10/2002 20L Jacketed Flask A 20L flask is jacketed with a 50L flask Image006.jpg
04/03/2003 100L Vessel Vessel has over head stirrer and rack Image004.jpg
06/20/2002 18” Weld Welding an 18” diameter vessel together ASG_Image004.jpg
05/10/2005 Soxhlet Extractor Large volume extractor with condenser Image003.jpg
07/12/2002 50L Reactor 50L stirred reactor with condenser ASGImage002.jpg
05/12/2002 Tall Liquid Extractor Tall extractor with a fritted disperser gives good extraction using lower solvent ASG_Image002.jpg
06/20/2002 12L Extraction Cone 8” glass is spun out to over 12” in diameter Glassblowing.jpg
07/19/2002 Gas Extraction System Used to extract gasses out of oils gasextractor.jpg
08/22/2006 Repairing 100L Distillation Flask 100L distillation flask repairing a 4” flange ASG_100l.jpg
05/23/2008 Multi-pass MOT cell MOT cell with AR coated windows ASG023.jpg
11/15/2001 5L Jacketed Flask 5L flask jacketed flask with 4” top flange 5ljacketed.jpg
01/29/2002 Double Vacuum Manifold Introduce gas from one line and vacuum on the other Vacumnmanifold.jpg
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